Hi friends! Are you back to work on this Monday morning?  We have one more day of our Spring Break left, so we're heading to Grandma's house for one last lazy day before the week officially starts.  We had a really good time on our short ski trip and a quiet Easter.  After church, our family came over for lunch and of course an Easter egg hunt.  It was raining so we had to do it inside, but the kids still thought it was awesome.

A couple weeks ago, I showed you my newly organized master closet, and today I'm showing you how I created that shopping bag art.  What could be better than art that costs just about only as much as the frame you put it in?!  My definition of 'art' includes fabric remnants, wrapping paper, greeting cards, and in this case, shopping bags. Don't you also consider the Tory Burch shopping bags "art" too?!  The bright, happy geometric pattern and corresponding logo are works of art in my book.  I had a few bags from years ago, but I wanted a set of four in the same pattern, so my plan was to just walk into the store and simply ask if I could have some of their bags for my art project.  I chickened out at the last minute and bought a candle, then after I checked out, asked if I could have extra bags.  Wimpy! I know, I'm hanging my head in shame.  But, the salesperson was like, "sure, take as many as you want" so I asked for some in the new colors/sizes that I didn't already have.  I didn't realize they had multiple patterns and colors!  #drool!

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