As many of you know, life with a 5-year old is never a dull moment, and it's no exception around here.  Part of the fun is seeing them come into their own with distinct likes, dislikes and opinions.  For James' recent birthday, we got him some new shirts along with a couple new toys.  I thought he'd like them because they were Star Wars characters and he wears a uniform to school.  He let us know (and not all that politely) that clothes as birthday presents aren't cool, just toys.  Well, okay!  So then I was surprised when he was so excited about the new sandals I bought him a few weeks later.  Although he's never worn flip flops before (he couldn't get comfortable with the strap between the toe), now he thinks they're the best thing ever! And this pair comes with our without a heel strap, so they stay on.

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