Happy happy day friends!  My Grandma is visiting from California and we are beyond thrilled to have her here.  We are super close and she is one special lady.  At 88, she's still running circles around most people and uses the internet (love that she reads my blog everyday!) and even Facebook.  She's the kind of person who never stops learning, challenges herself, has friends all over the world she helps, and has taught me most that we have to accept situations we cannot change.  So thankful for this woman in my life.

And speaking of thankful, I so appreciate your supportive comments on my bikini contest prep post.  Some of you like Caroline and Ann didn't realize I had a second blog (my fault for not promoting it more), and other people like Nicole, House Bound In Marin, Lisa B, and Katie said they loved following that blog and my posts about my first bikini contest.  But overall, everyone commented that they'd like me to combine the Honey We're Healthy & Honey We're Home blogs into one place here and/or get health/fitness/recipe content here on Honey We're Home. 

That's really good for me to know because the main reason I started a second blog was so that people who weren't interested in that content wouldn't be turned off by me posting it here.  But what I realize now by reading your comments, is that that most of us want to be healthy and to look and feel good so reading about that here would be a welcome change.  I'm looking into adding a 'Fitness' tab at the top of Honey We're Home so you can easily access those posts when you visit here and I will be doing weekly bikini contest prep updates also.  Hope you enjoy them and they are helpful to you, even if you're not training for a contest! (But if you are, please let me know in the comments so we can encourage each other!) 

white jeans day & night

Ever since I bought my new favorite white jeans, I've been wearing them non-stop and they've become a go-to piece in my wardrobe.  I'm dubbing them a "HWH Everyday Favorite" item and will share more of those with you throughout the post.  They are originally pricey ($164), but were just on sale for $114. The only drawback (which is also the plus) is that they're white, so I try to be careful not to spill on them while I'm eating or drinking since I do a lot of eating and drinking in the car and am always making a mess.  

What makes this pair so special is the thicker fabric and cut.  I tried on so many pair of white jeans and most of them were too thin and too much like jeggings/leggings and made my legs look bumpy and terrible.  The material on these AG Prima Cigarette Jeans is thicker and more like a jean (still with some stretch- 98% cotton, 2% elastane).  Also, they are a mid-rise, so your waistband isn't in your crotch!  At 5'1 and 107 pounds, I got the size 25 and then had the length taken up and nipped in the waist just a tad.  

I'll share some less expensive white jean options at the bottom of the post, but I wanted to show you today how I wear white jeans day and night, just by dressing them up with a heel and some fancier jewelry (for night) or pair them with wedges or flats and more casual tops (for day).  

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