How was your weekend friends?  Ours was a full one.  We celebrated my husband's birthday on Friday with a fancy family dinner out and then back to the house for a homemade chocolate cake with chocolate icing.  Then, on Saturday, we had our school's fundraising Gala and it was so much fun!  I jokingly call it Prom for Adults because everyone gets all gussied up- women in gowns and men in tuxes or suits - and it's exciting to see how everyone cleans up.  My dress was on sale and has sold out online.  And I have to say this self-tanning spray rocks!  My girlfriend Angela told me about it and it helped give this pale girl some color for the night.  A used it a couple days in a row to let the color build. 

At the Gala, we had a DJ (playing all the get-down songs from the 90s!) and it was awesome to see everyone on the dance floor- men included!  Well, not mine. He stayed at the black jack table with some other fellas the whole night. ;) Over the past two years our son has been at his school, we've made tight friendships with the families in his grade and beyond.  Both Jimmy and I are actively involved with the school (I'm a room mom and PTO officer and he coaches sports) so we spend lots of time with the kids and adults.  I'm so thankful for all the wonderful families we've come to know.  I didn't really realize that when James started school that it would be the beginning of new relationships for me and my husband as well. And on Sunday, we continued with our family dinner tradition.  

Back at home, I photographed our neutral master bedroom refresh and can't wait to show you the space today.  

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