We've made it to the end of the week!  This week has felt nonstop and I'm sure it's because we just came off of Spring Break and it feels like we had to hit the ground running with no time to come up for air. Unpacking, laundry, cleaning house, grocery shopping, PTO, T-ball practice, taxes (ugh!), not to mention all the business/logistic things and emotions still to be dealt with when you lose someone.  I told y'all about the motorcycle sign we received from my Dad shortly after he passed, and this week my Mom got her precious sign.  So beautiful.  It's still kind of surreal, but we are all handling it as best as we can be.  Having such amazing friends and family has been the best support.  Thank you too for your kind words and well wishes.  They are truly heartfelt. 

I took a couple weeks off of my usually Friday Weekend Steals & Deals, and I'm bringing it back today.  Having some sense of normalcy in this world also helps.  We'll be participating in our son's school Gala soon so I was out looking for a dress and couldn't help but see so much cute stuff out lately.  

I've been wearing my jean jacket nonstop.  It was perfect for traveling and wearing on the airplane recently too.  Most of the time jean jackets are kind of stiff and heavy, but this one is lightweight and soft.  It's one of my favorite purchases this year! For reference, I'm wearing the xs.  It mixes well with an inexpensive statement necklace from Target. :) 

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