A few of my blogging friends and I are sprucing up our guest rooms this week and sharing a few tips to help you make your guests feel welcome when visiting.  Our guest room gets used most often by my in-laws who live out of state, and I'm hoping my Grandma will visit soon too. 

This beautiful white pin tuck duvet cover was provided by Crane & Canopy, a company known for their quality bedding, which is also pretty and affordable.  I love how it makes the king bed feel like one you might find at a nice hotel with fresh white sheets.  The duvet is 400 tread count, 100% cotton sateen, and very well-made. I kept everything else in the room minimal so that people will have a sense of fresh and calm while they are here.  To add a little color to the room, I brought in a couple pillows and a throw blanket from another room. 

A good pair of lamps is important for your quests, especially those who like to read in bed before falling asleep.  I also like to sneak in and turn on the lamps at night so that when guests enter their room at night, a soft light welcomes them in.  You could also light a candle. Fresh flowers are just nice and thoughtful. These grocery store daisies are inexpensive and last for about two weeks.

I always keep a clock, pen, paper, and coaster on the nightstand. 

A welcome gift basket is always appreciated.  I filled this tray with some of the basics: fresh fruit and chocolate, water, books, magazines, and a cell phone charger.  I try to keep my guests' interests in mind when I choose the magazines and books.  

It only takes a second to leave a message for your guests. 

Some other things to be mindful of when having guests over is to leave space in dresser drawers and/or the closet for their clothes with extra hangers, fresh toiletries, towels and washcloths and perhaps a hairdryer if you have an extra one.  

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