Don't we all love a project that we can do without any sewing! I sure do!

That's why I made this easy NO-SEW pillow filled with over 2 dozen posies that and will add a sassy pop to almost any room in your home...

I love neutrals and lots and lots of texture!

This pretty posy pillow took about 2 hours to make and cost me nothing. I had everything I needed to make it!

This is my kind of decor!!!!

And this NO SEW pillow can be used any time of the year! I like a pillow that will work in any season!


1 neutral colored pillow (mine is 20 inches x 20 inches)
washed burlap OR any other soft fabric
assorted white buttons

You can find a tutorial on washing burlap by clicking HERE.

 Cut 25 strips of burlap 18 inches x 1 inch.

Here's how...

1. Measure 1 inch from the edge of the washed burlap.

2. Pull a vertical thread.

3. Continue to pull the thread until it pulls all the way out...

4. leaving a space. 

5. Cut using the space as a guide.

Cut 25 1 inch pieces. And cut them into 18 inch lengths.

6. Set aside all the burlap strips

7. One strip will make one posy.

8 Twist the burlap strip loosely.

9. Starting at one end. coil the burlap around itself and secure with dots of hot glue. 

10. Continue to coil and glue. It doesn't matter if the coil is loose or tight or if some of the burlap threads come loose. It give each posy character.

11. Tuck the end of the burlap underneath the posy and glue.

Arrange burlap posies in 5 rows.

Glue to pillow.

Add White buttons to some of the posies.

To get rid of glue spiders and glue blobs, heat with a hair dryer on the hottest setting. The glue will melt away!


Here's another No Sew way to use buttons...


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