It doesn't matter that there is a foot of snow still on the ground... my internal clock is ready for Spring!

How about you?

Here's a little spring nest inspiration to hold us over until the snow melts...

Nest are a sure sign of Spring... and most of us need Spring NOW!

Let's all think Spring by getting creative with nests...

This little nest was such a plain Jane when I bought it. I added sweet little twigs of cherry blossoms, moss and small real eggs.

Don't tell the other nests... this one is my very favorite!

Birds don't have to make nest... this one was made from a tiny wire basket and some soft moss. These tiny spotted quail eggs fit perfectly!

Nest make the prettiest table decorations. I put willow balls in this nest to give it a brambly organic feel... a great look for early Spring.

Did you notice the charger looks like a nest?

When something works, I tend to keep repeating it! 

I love love love to put nests in cups and saucers! They can be tucked in cupboards and bookcases and even on night stands! And they are a breath of springtime on a table!

The rustic look of a nest is so beautiful against shiny, lustrous silver! I pair the two together often!


This is one time to polish up the silver... and let it shine!

Now, this is elevating a nest!  Putting little nests on big tall candles looks darling... and dramatic! I added an extra layer of  "fluff" between for an extra wild look!

Nest make fabulous pictures too!

I created this nest picture for a guest bedroom.  To see an easy  DIY click HERE

This little "nest" was made by adding a bits of straw to a large blue and white egg cup!

So easy with lots of Springtime sass!

Since we are on the subject of egg cups... look at this tiny, tiny nest perched on a trio of creamy egg cups.

Recently I made an herb box using a vintage 7 up crate. I tucked moss inside one of the spaces and added a few feathers and an egg. It looks like a little bird found a delightful place to nest!

Now... this is not a nest but it has all the elements. Sticks, twigs and an egg!

I filled an eggshell with a pansy and put it in an egg cup. Then I added a little willow wreath to the base of the cup.

Isn't it adorable?

To see how I made them click HERE

Nest are very easy to make.  I made this little nest last year as a part of my Spring decor. And here's the best part... it cost me noting to make!

To see a DIY click HERE

The snow will be melting sometime soon here at StoneGable, and in just a few weeks we should be seeing our first Robin. 

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