About this time of the year, I start wanting to dig in the dirt! However it will be another 5-6 weeks before I uncover my garden beds and dig in!

I put together an indoor herb garden with a little nod towards spring so I can snip herbs and use them to finish some of my savory and sweet dishes.

Just the smell of them brings thoughts of warmer days and glorious veggies, herbs and flowers straight from the garden...

My indoor herb garden is rambling and brambly and in a vintage soda crate.

I purchased little herbs from my local greenhouse and put them in peat posts that fit into the soda slots.

I also got smaller pots to group together and to add texture.

Right now there is parsley in my garden. I love love love to use parsley to finish a savory dish! I remember it growing in my grandmother's side yard! It has a bright and distinct taste!

I have a fresh bag of it in the frig for putting it IN dishes. This little garden is to snip and sprinkle over a finished dish.

A little butter knife makes a pretty garden marker!

You can see how to make SILVER SPOON GARDEN MARKERS by clicking HERE

I also have sage. Sage woks wonderfully with chicken! YUMMY! A little sage goes a long way! So I can actually use sage IN a savory dish.

Oregano is just so pretty spilling over the front of the box. It's wonderful on pizza!

Thyme is what I call a "fluffy" herb. Gotta love it's sweet tiny leaves and big bold taste!

I'm on my 3rd pot of mint. At first I thought this one was chocolate mint... but when I rubbed it between my fingers it smelled like spearmint. A little mint in water is amazing... even in the winter!

I used a silver spoon mint marker to tie up the mint that wants to take over the whole crate!

Herbs and peat pots are not the only things in this little garden.

I also tucked in a few eggs...

And a nest...

Some garden twine and a pair of snips (not shown).

As the weather warms up I'll be moving my garden from a vintage crate indoors to a garden by our Martin birdhouse. Then they will flourish and grow riotous in the good warm earth!  

But for now I can tend my little herbs and enjoy their wonderful aroma and taste and wish for spring!

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