I'm often asked about the paint colors used in my home and wanted to compile a list so you (and I!) have them all in one place.  All of the paint is by Sherwin Williams- it's what our builder used and I've been happy with it, so I stick with it.  Of course, it's difficult to get a true reading of a paint color over the internet.  Sometimes I edit my photos to make them brighter which may distort the color, but I've tried to pick the photos that depict the way the color looks to my natural eye during the day.  Also, the color changes depending on the light in the room.  If you have any questions, leave me a comment and I'll reply to it.  I hope this is helpful! 

All Downstairs Walls - Accessible Beige

I previously reported it was Agreeable Gray because that's what I thought- but after buying Agreeable Grey for touch-ups around the house, I realized I was wrong. :( I had go into the attic to see what old paint we had and finally figured out it is, in fact, Accessible Beige.  Agreeable Gray is cooler, but not too terribly different.  I repainted the entire entryway wall (the one with the stripes now) Agreeable Grey and it blends very seamlessly with the adjacent wall that is Accessible Beige.  I hope this makes sense! 

The best way I can describe Accessible Beige is as a creamy greige.  

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All of the walls downstairs are Accessible Beige- except the entryway stripes, so you can refer to other photos below to see how it looks in other rooms.  It's also in the upstairs hallway.

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