I have spent several hours rearranging and reorganizing my closet over the last few weeks. I consider myself fortunate to have a large closet, so I want the space to be useful and look nice. As I surveyed the area to create organizing solutions, I realized just how much stuff I have (clothing, shoes, jewelry, bags). Over the years, I have pared down and donated much of what I wasn't wearing anymore, but I also purchased more jewelry as a Stella & Dot stylist, thus adding to my collection.  

At the same time, however, I'm really drawn to articles like this that discuss a minimalist lifestyle, pursuing your greatest passions in life by owning fewer possessions.  In January especially, I tend to go pretty minimal and also go on a spending freeze.  During that time, I do find myself cooking more and being more "present" in my home.  But by March, with the weather warming and new styles popping up, I'm itching to start shopping for Spring fashion.   

Can I want/enjoy the new styles and things I already have and still have a minimalist mindset?  Can I admit I like my closet? Maybe the answer is in not letting my pursuit of things detract from the bigger, more important parts of my life.  For instance, yesterday, I was leaving a doctor appointment with my mom and dad and my son was home with my husband.  I considered stopping at the mall on my way home (child free shopping time!) but felt a little tug in my heart that just said I should go home.  I can't explain it, it was just my Spirit speaking and I listened.  It wasn't like anything major happened when I got home, but I know that tuning into that inner voice never leads me wrong.  Maybe stopping at the store would've meant that I wouldn't have had time to make dinner with my son that night - and that was a precious time. 

I think we all have that Spirit or Intuition inside and the point is to let that be our guide. I'm sure there will be days ahead where it feels perfectly fine inside to do some shopping or buy a new outfit.  I can usually recognize when I'm shopping to fill a void in my life or because I'm upset. In times like that I should call a friend, exercise, or maybe journal or meditate instead.  Similarly, I have to make a conscious effort to put down the technology and devote time to my family.  I'm bad about this one with all the apps on my phone. I love checking in on my Instagram friends or browsing Pinterest, but I know I need to put it away and PLAY with my son, cook with him, read together.  He's almost 4 and I say this every year, "this is my favorite stage so far."  I've toyed with the idea of going television free, but really, who am I kidding?! First of all, my husband would never go for it and I still watch trashy reality shows. But I think about it and the advantages it could have. (Have you done this? I'm so intrigued by those people and I mean that with all sincerity.) 

I keep putting off finishing my closet post and I think it's partly because I don't want it to feel like, "Look at all this stuff I have and how well I organized it all" (ew.) because at the same time, I embrace being present with people, looking them in the eye when we're together, and I know the real value of love and relationships.  Yes, things are just things. I'm proud of my organizational skills and have found a lot of joy in styling and photographing spaces in our home for this blog.  Whenever I get feedback from you that you enjoyed a post or that it helped you find a solution for something in your home, it's very gratifying.  Thank you for that.

This post isn't written to solve the dilemma about having/saving/giving/living with less, but so that you will know my heart a little more on the subject.  Do you struggle with this too? Have you found your happy medium?  I think I'm doing okay but could definitely use improvement.  

Pics of the closet will be coming soon . . . I just need to get in there and photograph it! 

Thank you Court for inspiring this post. ;) 


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