Reading through the comments on my last post affirms what I already knew about those of you who read this blog:  you are thoughtful, kind, compassionate, self-aware, nonjudgemental, and just generally good people.  It makes me feel more comfortable sharing my life with you via the Internet. :)  I recently stumbled upon a new (to me) blog via Pinterest and wanted to share this goodness with y'all!  

Pam of Simple Details is a wife and mom living in Dever with some serious DIY and design talent.  I found her when I was looking for a tutorial for spotted leopard-like walls because I wanted to do that in my office.  Well, check this out! Pam was actually featuring the DIY starburst flush mount tutorial (which is awesome), but those walls!  Turns out she did it with a stencil and will be sharing the process on her blog soon.

Browsing through her posts (I love getting lost in a new blog!) I found this DIY nailhead ceiling.  Are you kidding me?!?!  Talk about a long, dedicated process with stunning results!

And then there's one of the best Ikea hack's I've seen in a while, this faux Ostrich Rast chest.  Very expensive looking, but only $75 (including the chest!).

The emerald green she chose for this wooden dresser makeover is so cool.  Not to mention her styling.  You really need to see the "before". 

I'll leave you with those four projects, but be sure to check out her blog and get lost for a couple hours like I did! 

Have a great weekend!



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