Today is the official start to our summer vacation!  We don't have any major plans, maybe a quick road trip or two after bikini prep is over.  Our son is signed up at a few day camps and also swimming lessons and we'll just be doing some fun stuff at home and around town.  I'll be sharing some of our quick and easy summer routines and organization soon too.  Nothing too crazy or rigid, but just enough structure to keep mama from losing her mind! I had a chance to get caught up on cleaning and organizing over the weekend, so I'm starting this week out feeling refreshed and ready to go!

Last week was kind of crazy with the holiday and then all the major rainstorms, which meant we had two days off school, then Friday was a half-day for the last day of school.  One of the days home from school my son wanted to make homemade chocolate chocolate chip cookies, and I'm not going to deprive him of that goodness because I can't eat the cookies, so we made a batch of the best cookies ever.  Of course I know because I ate . . .  nine of them!  Three the first day, right out of the oven, and six the next day.  I blame my weakness on being so very sleep deprived, having not gotten much sleep and because I just couldn't resist!  We ended up taking a bunch of the cookies to the school for an event and leaving the rest for my husband and son.

It's not that eating cookies in and of itself is bad, it's just that on prep, when you are working so freaking hard, it feels like it's a waste to eat all those extra calories and sugar.  Not to mention I got a major stomach ache.  So, even though I messed up, I just had to start again.

I'm happy to say I've been perfect! on my diet since then and it's paying off!  My bikini competition is now 6 weeks away, so I'm halfway there!


Here's my 7 Weeks Out picture, snapped on Sunday, May 24, 2015.

I put the heels on since that's what I'll have to be standing/walking in on stage soon.  It's best to be prepared to look graceful and I still need to start practicing my posing.  

Bikini Contest Prep - 7 Weeks Out | Honey We're Home

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