I almost started this post with Happy Hump Day! then I realized it's actually Thursday, which tells me that I'm getting a case of summer brain where all the days are starting to run together.  That might actually be a good thing!  I'm just starting feel the stress of a rigid schedule beginning to loose it's grip.  Today, my son and I overslept for camp, but I realized, we don't have to be there on the dot.  And since I didn't have a morning training session scheduled, we were able to linger this morning.  Nice for a change!  We do still have our typical summer morning and evening routines, but they aren't rigid.

Today I'm back with my HWH Loves Bloggers series (#HWHlovesbloggers) and I''ll be doing this every other Thursday.  So far, we've gotten to peek inside our friends' gorgeous BEDROOMS, LIVING ROOMS, and KITCHENS, and BATHROOMS.  If you missed any of them, you'll definitely want to check them out.  Thank you so much for tagging #HWHlovesbloggers.

Today, I'm sharing your KID ROOMS and will feature your NURSERIES in two weeks.  Just tag your Instagram pic #HWHlovesbloggers and I'll be featuring them next week here and on my Instagram.  

#HWHlovesbloggers | KID ROOMS 

21 Creative Kid Rooms

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