Have you gotten your man or dad a gift for Father's Day yet?!  Did you just panic a bit being asked that question because your answer (4 days away from the big day) is still a sheepish, "no"?  I've often found myself in the same boat, usually for a child's birthday party, and I always resort to my secret source that isn't such a secret - Amazon!  I have Amazon Prime, which gets me free 2-day shipping and I have found it to be totally worth it, especially in a pinch.  I used it on Tuesday and ordered a Father's Day gift that will arrive today! 

All of the Father's Day gifts below are from Amazon, so you can order them today and get them in time for Sunday!  And they are "man approved" at least by my husband.  He did throw out some of my ideas- a cookbook? "men don't read cookbooks,"  this coffee mug? "lame," and he also said no on the robe and apron.  

Even if you're already covered for Father's Day, keep this list handy for Christmas or his birthday! ;)

Last Minute Father's Day Gifts He'll Love - all available on Amazon - use with Prime for FREE 2-day shipping

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