Thank you for sticking with me as I finish up the final three weeks of bikini contest prep.  So many of you have let me know that my posts inspire and encourage you and that actually gives me motivation to continue.  It's been super challenging sticking with it this long (9 weeks so far), but I'm also excited about my progress and thankful the end is near.  I don't know if I'll compete again after this, but I know I won't do a contest in July again.  It makes for a bummer of a June in terms of summer vacations and eating out and enjoying simple pleasures like cold ice cream on hot days and evening s'mores. 

I'm trying to just focus on the next three weeks, instead of always looking forward to the next thing.  I can't help it though.  I'm ready to get back to more decorating, organizing and home projects.  I've kept a running list of some things I'd like to do in the coming months.  The other day, I added some summer decor to the entryway and our sitting room and it was nice to spend some time on those pretty things inside our home.  I'll show you tomorrow! 

For today's Wardrobe Wednesday, I got gussied up in one of my summer staples - a maxi dress.  I've always been a fan of dresses because it just makes getting ready so easy.  All you have to do is add shoes and accessories!  Maxi dresses are a definite go-to that make me feel more dressed up than my typical cotton or jean shorts, but being only 5 feet tall, I usually have to order petite or wear with tall wedges.  

I'm really smitten with this Loveappella maxi dress.  The neckline is super flattering and since it comes in regular and petite, I didn't have to hem it.  (I'm wearing XSP- I'm 5'0.) I will have to be careful not to shrink it though.  This length fits perfect with flat sandals

Summer Fashion | Loveappella maxi dress

I'm wearing XSP- I'm 5'0. It could be my wishful thinking, but I think it makes me look taller! I'll take all the help I can get! ;)  

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