Decorating our home for Christmas is one of my favorite things to do.  I look forward to it each year and it's fun because you can do different things in each room, trying out color combinations and using old things in new or unexpected ways.  I'm careful each year to put everything away in a neat, organized way so that when I pull out those giant green and red bins, it's like Christmas morning just going through all the things we've collected over the years.  Enough talking, come on in!

In our foyer, two large nutcrackers greet you and a red jingle bell wreath is hanging on a mirror with a command hook. I originally planned to put the nutcrackers at the bottom of our staircase, but a young boy kept playing with them, so I had to put them higher up!



Our dining room is the first room I decorated and my favorite this year.  I went with aqua, mint, white and metallics.  Those colors mix beautifully and go well with our drapes.  You can read all about it and find the source list HERE

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