I'll admit I'm feeling kinda sheepish about this post. See, I've been asked to share how I am helping spread my eco-conscious ways with the next generation. Although I try to be a good example to my son for green-living by recycling, not buying bottled water, not letting the faucet run unnecessarily, using energy efficient light-bulbs, and turning lights off when we're not using them, I know there is so much more I could be doing!

New Leaf Energy (which offers 100% renewable energy to Texas) is doing something very cool: for every LIKE on their FACEBOOK page, they will PLANT 1 TREE! I think that is awesome. This initiative ends on December 23, so please go HERE to "like" the New Leaf Energy Facebook page today. Let's plant some trees!

Partnering with New Leaf Energy has caused me to take a look at how I can be friendlier to our planet and a better example for my son.   I still use paper towels probably more than I should (as opposed to using a dishtowel), I take too long a shower, and use plastic tupperware and baggies. I've started switching to all-natural house cleaners, but haven't completely. These are things I can start doing today.

How do you instill good environmental habits in your kids? I'd love to hear your tips.

One thing I do well is encourage my son to play outside and play with him. We go to the park pretty often when the weather is nice and all have bikes to ride around the neighborhood. I know staying inside playing iPad all day isn't good!

I can track how many times people click the link in today's post, so I'll keep you posted.  Do you think we could get 1,000 by December 23? I bet we can if everyone that reads this clicks HERE!  Thank you! :) 

*Thanks to New Leaf Energy for sponsoring today's post and for planting trees! I'm happy to be able to spread this message.


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