I was starting to freak out a little realizing on Friday night just how close we are to Christmas and how much shopping I still have to do.  Do you feel the same way?  My Christmas cards aren't even mailed yet!  So, I spent some time online this weekend and accomplished so much.  I feel a ton better and am getting so exciting knowing I have gifts for my friends and family on the way!  Macy's is having a big 25% off sale and free shipping with guaranteed delivery by Christmas if you order by December 21.  One girlfriend is getting this and this:) And another is getting this.  I'm giddy to give these gifts!

Amazon is my other lifesaver and since y'all recommended Prime, I signed up and get free 2-day shipping.  This is making my life much easier. I especially like shopping for toys.  James is going to be a very happy boy on Christmas morning! 

The other thing that's been nagging at me is wanting to get the toys under control so that we could see what James has and so he can get to them easier and then also enjoy the new ones at Christmas.  We keep most of the toys in bins and two toy boxes but all the toys got scrambled together, so a major dump-out and reorganization was in order. 

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