I know I must be one of the last bloggers to make a burlap wreath.

Why did I wait so long?  It's sooooo easy and is almost fool proof! And, here's the best part, it can be re-decorated and re-embellished for every season!

Here's how I made mine...

1 metal wreath form
1-2 packages 4 inch burlap (mine came in 10 yard rolls)

1. Secure the end of the burlap to the metal wreath form. Weave it in and out as shown. This will secure the burlap.

 Bring the burlap under the outside slat and up through the first space. Pull the burlp through to make a loop (about 3 inches).

Keep pulling the burlap through the spaces between the slats to make loops. When you have finished the first row, weave and loop in the other direction to make a second row.

Continue all the way around the wreath form pushing the loops close together as you go.

When the wreath is done, cut the end about 4 inches long and weave it through the wreath form to secure.

Add embellishments. Use wire to secure.


It's that easy. Making this wreath took about 15 minutes.

I'm giving this one to my sweet daughter-in-law, Abigail.

I'm making 2 more wreaths this weekend!


Helpful hints:

You can use less burlap for a soft floppy wreath. Or more (like I did) for a tighter, fuller look.

Exposing the burlap wreath to the elements tends to make it droopy. If it gets wet, bring it in and let it dry. When it is dry fluff it up.

If your wreath gets wet you can turn it upside down and dry it on LOW with a blow dryer.

Do not hot glue embellishments to the wreath. Wire any embellishments on. Hot glue will damage the wreath and make it hard to change the decorations.

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