First, let me apologize for having to truncate my posts (causing readers to have to click the somewhat annoying "read more" to read the post in its entirety) because my blog content has been stolen by some unidentified person with a domain registered in India.  Thank you Leanne for letting me know- I had no idea.  Back in August 2012, several well-known bloggers started truncating their posts because "scraper sites" had been stealing their blog content.  I never worried about my content being stolen and didn't want my readers to have to deal with that extra step of having to click a link to read the whole post, so I never did that with mine (and I still read truncated blogs). But I have chosen to truncate now too.  My health blog- every word and photo has been scraped and is now appearing as original content on another blog.  So annoying! And the worst part is, I haven't yet figured out what I can do about it.  So, I just wanted to explain why I'm now also truncating my posts here- apparently this makes it much harder for the thieves to copy the content.  I'm happy to share by blog posts and photos with links back to my blog and credit given, but this is completely different.  I hope you'll keep reading even with the truncation.  My apologies!     

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So as not to give any more energy to that unfortunate situation, I'm turning my attention to Halloween which is, yikes, tomorrow! 

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