It's almost time to celebrate the special ladies in our life with Mother's Day approaching this Sunday. I'm thankful that my Grandma, at age 88, is still healthy and energetic enough to have visited from California.  The truth is, she is just as vibrant as I remember her as a kid and does nearly as much as she always has.

I think what keeps her young is how many interests she has and how she keeps up with things by reading everything she can get her hands on and taking care of other people.  She says the best way to forget about your problems is to volunteer for someone else.  While she was here, she imparted lots of wisdom (even helped me hem James' karate pants) and I can't tell you how many times I said, "I didn't know that!" She's a special lady and we're sad to see her go.  Hopefully, we can go visit her next.  #caliherewecome! 

If you're in need of some Mother's Day Gift Ideas, check out this round-up of below that I had fun putting together for ya.  (And if my hubby happens to be reading . . . ) Also, Nordstrom has Triple Points today through May 10, so it's a good time to use your card if you have one.  

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