We are officially into the home stretch of the school year and our Summer Break starts at noon on Friday!  But, it hasn't felt very summery here lately.  We've been having terrible thunderstorms and one so serious on Monday night that it caused flooding throughout our city and schools had to close.    It was one of those late night storms that had me awake all night because it was so scary and loud.  I don't know how James slept through it!  Thankfully, we are safe here and just took advantage of the extra day off, but many have been affected and we are thinking of them, praying they stay safe and dry.  If you've ever experienced water damage or power outage (I'm remembering Topical Storm Allison that flooded my car and Hurricane Ike where we had no power for 11 days!), you know it's no fun.  

Dealing with all that yesterday had me behind in getting you a weight-training workout, but I didn't forget about ya, so here goes!  This is a chest and arms workout my awesome trainer, John Sherman, sent me to do on my own when he was out of town and couldn't train me in person.  You can visit his website, or contact him directly via email at:  johnjsherman@sbcglobal.net if you want more info or are interested in personal or online training/meal plans.

This is typical of the type of workouts we do (4 sets of 4 exercises, 15 reps), and I actually did it again yesterday since we couldn't train together (his gym had lost power and he was flooded in).  I'm only 7 weeks out now from my bikini contest, so I can't miss a workout.


As shown below, we do four exercises without stopping, then catch my breath if I need to and do another set.  Each set of four exercises is repeated four times, then we move onto the next set.  The whole thing takes about an hour to do and I don't really rest much, just stop to catch my breath if I need to.  As far as what weight to lift on the weight-bearing exercises, you lift a weight you can get 15 reps, but the last two should be challenging.  I hold about a 10 pound weight in each hand for most of these. 

Bikini Prep - Chest and Arm Workout

In case you aren't familiar with the exercises by name, I found some images to help.  

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