I think we're finally starting to dry out over here!  All those days of tragic weather and storms had our city reeling for awhile, but we're getting back to normal now.  And tomorrow is the last day of school!  My son came home with the big workbook he's been practicing his handwriting in all year and declared triumphantly, "I've worked so hard Mom, I'm ready for kindergarten!"  Man, what a cutie!  

I'm having so much fun with this HWH Loves Bloggers series (#HWHlovesbloggers) and I plan to continue it for a while longer!  There's so much decor inspiration to share and I hope you are finding new bloggers and instagrammers to follow.  This week, I made sure to link to each person's blog and instagram account if they have one so you can follow them in both places easier.  

So far, we've gotten to peek inside our friends' gorgeous BEDROOMS, LIVING ROOMS, and KITCHENS.  If you missed any of them, you'll definitely want to check them out.  Thank you so much for tagging #HWHlovesbloggers.

Today, I'm sharing your BATHROOMS and I've gotten some new ideas for our own downstairs guest bathroom.  It's nothing special now, but I've been wanting to wallpaper it for the longest time, I just need to choose a paper and make some time!  Even though my world is filled with bikini prep right now, I still have home decor on the brain.  Never enough hours in the day, right?!  It's just a matter of choosing what to focus on since we can't do it all.  

Next week, I'm looking for your KID ROOMS, including NURSERIES and I know y'all have some good ones to share.  Just tag your Instagram pic #HWHlovesbloggers and I'll be featuring them next week here and on my Instagram.  

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