About a month ago, I got to spend the weekend with my girlfriends in Dallas for a blog conference.  We all know each other through our blogs and live scattered across the U.S., so most of our conversations happen online for via text.  Having the chance to get together for three days in person was better than ever.  And since we've all had the chance to meet up on other occasions, it made reconnecting all the more fun.  Just hearing Caycee's sassy Southern accent made the trip worth it! 

I don't think I got to share these few photos with you because as soon as I got home, my Grandma came for a week to visit and life got a a little busy.  ;) 

TOP Left to Right:  Sheaffer, Courtney, Me

BOTTOM Left to Right:  Carly, Cassie, Caycee, Natalie 

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