White dishes are the little black dress of our cupboards... they are right for every occasion!

I've had a love affair with them for years...

I've discovered so many wonderful things about white dishes... here are 10 great tips that will make you love and want to use white dishes too!

1. White dishes go with EVERYTHING!  

Every style, season, holiday, occasion, fashion and decor!

They love to work and play with other dishes and patterns! They are the Miss Congeniality of the dish world!

2. If you buy one set of dishes... BUY WHITE!

I call my white everyday dishes "the workhorses of my kitchen". I collected my 18 sets of Mikasa Italian Countryside over a couple of years. They still look as good as the day I bought them.

Collect one style slowly. I suggest at least 12 sets, but prefer 18. I use them in so many ways! They will become the backbone of most of your tables!

3. Only collect what you LOVE!

I have dozens of styles of white dishes. I collect what I love... and because I love them, I use them!

4. Don't be afraid to collect small amount of patterns you love. 

I'm always on the lookout for clearance sales on white dishes. My favorite  places to find dishes are TJ Maxx, HomeGoods and Marshalls. They have gorgeous dishes, but usually don't have large quantities... and that's OKAY. Last week I found 5 square white dinner dishes with little ball edges. I literally skipped out of TJ Maxx hugging them!

I mix and match white dishes. So a few of one pattern or another makes a very lovely tablescape!

Notice (below) that I only have 5 white bowls in this frilly intricate pattern. But when I add another 5 white bowls in one or two other patterns, they look so charming together!

So don't worry about collecting 8,12 or 18 of any other white dish pattern! If you find even one you love... buy it!

5. Choose white dishes with interesting rims and edges.

To me, white dishes are all about the edges. They bring interest and life to white!

6.  Don't overlook white cups and saucers.

Not only are they pretty to drink from, but look wonderful stacked in a hutch or cupboard. 

They are great filled with flowers for individual centerpieces at each place settings and are perfect for sweet little nests and pumpkins. There are so many uses for white cups and saucers! White cups and saucers are my very favorite! Swoon worthy!

7. Stack... stack... stack!

White dishes were made for stacking! No other colors make such beautiful towers! Take them off the table and use stacks of white dishes to decorate tables, coffee tables, buffets, dressers and any other surface in your home!

8. Look for interesting white pieces.

Egg cups, pitches, creamers, sugar bowls, serving pieces, large bowls, cake stands, pedestals, vases... You can count on finding great white pieces!


9. White dishes don't go out of style!

The are a great investment because they are a classic. 

The ironstone soup tureen below is over 30 years old and still perfectly in style!

10. Food looks best on white dishes... and so do flowers!

Food and white dishes are made for each other! Food always looks more delicious on a white background!

And what is prettier than a white vase and dishes with colorful flowers?

Do you love white dishes yet? I thought so!!!!

Now go... spend wisely and start that white dish collection! You won't regret it!

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