I've always wanted a bar cart. I think they are so chic! They have that James Bond, devil-may-care, joie de vivre  attitude about them. They are cool and sophisticated and can be used for anything from hot chocolate bars to martini bars...

And that's why I'm so happy they are making a huge comeback!

You can read about my new cart and how I upcycled it with paint chips HERE.

I tucked it into the corner of my dining room. And can't wait to have company to use it!

I have it set up with some very basic necessities...

I equipped the entire bar cart by shopping my house!

I outfitted the top shelf with a lamp that I took from an upstairs guest room. It is almost the same color as the drapes and very subdued!

The ice bucket has become a container for an orchid... oh, I love orchids!  I tipped the lid to make it stand up against the pot inside! The ice scoop rests on the cart to the left of the bucket and the shaker is to it's right.  An ice bucket and shaker... so classic! Now I just need a man in a white dinner jacket... swoon!

Orchids are just about the only house plants I can grow.

Decades ago we had several gorgeous decanters, but I got rid of them when they went out of vogue. I'm kicking myself now! The two left hold some whiskey and gin.

I think the cart would also be fabulous made into a coffee bar with lots of fun liquors and coffee add-ins! Wouldn't Bailey's look great in a decanter?

A blown glass holds corks and bar gadgets. Notice the silver golf club stirrers I brought back for Bobby from a girls' trip to Savannah (the Mothership) one year!

A wine cooler on the bottom shelf is already stocked with wine and some wine glasses.

I also love corks... so I filled a fluted bowl with a couple handfuls of them. These are new corks, but I save most of our wine corks!

Tucked behind the bowl is my favorite wine decanter. Decanting and aerating red wine makes a $10.00 bottle of wine taste like a $60.00 bottle of wine! It seriously does!

This is our main bar between the breakfast room and family room, so we don't need to keep the bar cart stocked with lots of different liquors, mixers etc. 

We only need to stock with our next dinner in mind!

How about you?  Do you like the white hot, chic bar cart trend? 

And what would be the first thing you would add to your bar cart?


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