When I painted wide stripes in our entryway, I loved the result, but thought they looked a little bit out of place with just the one wall painted.  Continuing the stripes around the corner and under the staircase might have looked too busy, but I'm actually loving the result! It's awesome when you finish a project and are immediately pleased with the outcome.

I started by repainting the entire wall it's original color (for touch-ups and to start with a clean slate).  Having only painted the entry wall previously, my husband leveled, drew, and taped the lines for the two walls under the stairs.  Have to give credit where credit is due!

Unfortunately, we used yellow tape that is meant for freshly painted walls but it didn't stick well and started falling from the walls, so I had to retape almost the whole thing.  I used Frog Tape for the entryway walls and I think that worked the best.  I had to touch-up a few spots under the stairs, but that might have been because I had to stop and buy more paint mid-project or because I was more careful in pressing the tape down very well on the entryway wall. 

I wrote a detailed post about how to get perfect stripes when I painted the entryway wall, but the main tips are:

  • Use a leveler to draw your lines (not a laser leveler- it's too hard to draw on a line that keeps disappearing). You may need one person to hold the leveler and another person to draw the lines. 

  • Tape above and underneath the drawn lines. Press the tape down hard to get the best seal. 

  • Paint over the tape with the opposite paint color.

  • Paint the stripe color (2-3 coats).

  • Peel the tape off while the stripe paint is still wet. 

You can see the type of levelers I have in the picture below. And the tall ladder I had to use to get up so high.  Yikes! I removed the light switch plate when painting the walls and then used a roller to paint it so it would blend with the wall.  It doesn't look that great though- I probably should have tried to find a spray paint to match. 

The finished result looks so much better! See the before HERE

What do you think?  


The paint colors used are:

Door:  Sherwin Williams Brown Fox

Wall Color:  Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige

Dark Stripe:  Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze


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