So far, so good with keeping the kitchen counters clear.  Now, I've moved on to the other areas on our first floor.  I plan to keep the dining room, wet bar, entry way and under the stairs relatively clear so the spaces can "breathe" and I can let the decor ideas simmer and brew.  I also made up my mind not to purchase anything new for the house for awhile.  It's a money saving move, and also a way to relish in releasing things from the house (donations, garbage, recycling) as opposed to bringing more things in.  

Under the stairs, after removing the tree, all that was left was the starburst mirrors on the wall. I added back in the round jute rug that defines the space and the Ikea table that was previously in my office.  I haven't been in my office as much lately, so my son wasn't using the table either.  A single urn with some winter sticks and faux blossoms feels pretty yet sparse.  

I don't know what this area will morph into over time, but it's a good spot to play with and create something cool.  

The wintery branches add the height I like, but I'd prefer something alive and green.  Maybe flowers or leafy branches with a lot of volume like this or this.  I already had these faux hydrangea, and wanted to see how they looked.  Good, but need more and taller- the vase is only about half full in this picture.

The dining room is empty again too after removing the Christmas decor.  I was a little sad to see it go, I liked it so much.  I still love the drapes and furniture in the room, but it needs to be livened up again. A couple of different chairs would be nice to break up the set. 

I want to paint the walls and add something to either side of the mirror- sconces perhaps? Art?  Photos?  A couple of drawer pulls need to be added to the console too. 

The mirror and console in the entryway are likely temporary.  That's why I haven't hung the mirror.  The console table was from Pottery Barn about 5 years ago for our townhouse.  PB no longer carries it, but this one looks nearly identical. For now, the table has been cleared out and sits empty.  

Clearing out these areas has helped me see them anew again.  It's funny how we let things sit in the same place for ages without considering something different.  I even changed the direction of our breakfast table, a small move, but it made the whole room look different.  

I'm enjoying the emptiness for now and not putting any pressure to figure out what's next.  I'm just cataloging ideas and knowing that something fun will strike probably sooner than later.  I still have a bunch of organizing and cleaning to do upstairs. . . .


I have a big hug and thank you for all of you who helped us plant 1,235 trees!  That is way beyond the 1,000 tree goal I set and I am so very thankful to you!  I'm sure the earth thanks you too. :)


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