I have a little crush on white pearly buttons!  

I collect them... but have never really used them until recently. Many of my buttons were my grandmother and mother's... and I can remember some of the clothes they were on!

Here's an easy-peasy pretty VALENTINE BUTTON HEART PICTURE DIY to show off some  Valentine love...

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This button heart is so special to me! If you look closely you will see little heart buttons here and there.

When my daughter was a little girl, I loved making her clothes. If a pattern called for buttons I usually added little hearts. I always told her these were to remind her that my heart was so full of love for her.

 And even though she is all grown up these hearts now remind me of those wonderful days when a little girl would throw her delicate arms around me and give me the sweetest kisses and hugs and say, "Mommy, I love you!" SIGH!

white buttons
hot glue

1. Put buttons in a shallow bowl so it's easy to pick through them

2. Print out template
Copy template below to a file and print out a size that fits your frame.
(I printed out a 5 x 7 template to fit my mat)

3. Hot glue buttons to the edges of the heart

4. Fill in heart with buttons.

5. Overlap any gaps with more buttons

6. Frame

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