Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and for me that means CHOCOLATE!

Here is a well know, proven Valentine equation..

Valentines Day + Chocolate = LOVE!

Why not celebrating Valentines Day by creating a Hot Chocolate Bar for the ones you love? 

I'm celebrating this Valentine's Day with....

What a talented group of bloggers! Make sure you check out all the LOVE-ly posts... a list is at the end of my Valentine post!

I'm celebrating Valentine's Day this year with you... my chocolate lovin' friends!

This Hot Chocolate Bar is all sweet and girly and lots of sugary fun!

I filled a big rustic tray with all the yummy chocolaty goodness... which makes it portable! 

Let's get this party started! 


Get your mug ready! I've tied a little red bandanna around it to act as a cozy! It should keep all that delicious chocolate nice and hot!

Since I don't have a real hot chocolate pot, I called an ironstone coffee pot into service. It too is wearing a red bandanna!

Make sure to pour yourself a big mug full of delicious DOUBLE HOT CHOCOLATE! You can find the recipe for DOUBLE HOT CHOCOLATE by clicking HERE.

Before you top it off with a swirl of whipped cream you may want to add a few extra treats to your Hot Chocolate!

Grab a CHOCOLATE SPOON... and stir! There they are... right behind the straws!
Click HERE for an easy diy!

Which one will you choose? Sprinkles or marshmallows?

Here's a few other sweet treats...

Grab a straw or two...

And don't forget the sprinkles... aren't the so cute?

Now that's...



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