January feels like "organizing" to me! After taking down the Christmas decorations I am ready to sweep the house clean of clutter and get organized!

My bookshelves are a constant frustration! They can be seen from the kitchen and breakfast room and always look busy and cluttered!  There is so much going on in my other rooms, I wanted my eye to "rest" when it looked at this end of the family room!

So, I filled the bookshelves with identical chunky baskets (Pottery Barn Outlet) sporting number tags ...

Very streamlined and very utilitarian... with spiffy numbers, of course!  

Baskets 1 through 6 hold my decorating books and some much loved cookbooks. Basket 7 is for Bobby! The rule is... I don't touch his basket unless it overflows! So far... so good!

I love how these Pottery Barn inspired NUMBERED TAGS brought an organized look to the bookshelves.  They were very easy to make. 

You can see the LARGE NUMBER TAGS DIY and how I made them by clicking HERE.

Now I'm organizing the other side of the bookself the same way... the side that has the television and bose radio in it. I'll show you soon!

How do you like the newly organized bookshelves? 

Just wait till we get hardwood floors installed and a new rug... hopefully the end of the month. 

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