Happy Monday friends!  I spend a chunk of time last week organizing my closet and redoing the built-in dresser.  It was originally painted Sherwin Williams Divine White (flat) which resulted in lots of scuff marks that were impossible to clean, so I repainted it Sherwin Williams Venus Pink (high gloss).  The island and shoe shelves are also now that shade of pale pink.  I moved my handbags and travel totes to the shelves above the dresser so I can see them more easily (they were hidden behind the door before).  

To help the purses keep their shape, I have them stuffed with thick tissue or small pillows I'm not using.  I spray painted the silver drawer pulls gold and added decorative paper to the sides with adhesive spray.  

I rearranged the contents inside the drawers too.  I used to have jewelry in the top drawer and makeup on the dresser top, but I donated the pieces I never wore and moved the makeup into the first drawer, except for the brushes, that I like to keep upright in a cup. 

With the top of the dresser clear, I had room to style it up with accessories and girlie things. 

The nameplate bracelet is traditional Hawaiian jewelry that I got from my Grandma when I was young and she lived in Hawaii.  I still cherish it and wear it all the time. 

I adore this old photo of my parents from over 30 years ago (wow!), so I decided to tape it to the jewelry box where I could see it everyday. 

I still want to reorganize my hanging clothes and find hooks for a couple of large tote bags that didn't fit in dresser shelves.  A few more tweaks and the closet will be ready for Spring! :) 


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