I have a very very fun project for you!

Large numbered tags!

They will  help you ORGANIZE your home, and if you are like me I sure need that!

These sturdy tags look very Pottery Barn-ish and would look great as a decorative and/or organizing detail on almost anything...

I made these big updated number tags for about $3.00... for 10!

I saw a set of wooden number tags on Etsy for $77.00 ... for 10! YIKES!

The fun tags are going to look great on the baskets in our bookshelves... I'll show tomorrow!

Here's how I made...

Large Number Tags

10  3 inch wooden discs
white and black craft paint
small piece of brown paper bag
printed numbers
stylus or pen
thin paintbrush

1. 10 discs and my drill. I got the discs at AC Moore.

2. Drill a hole near the top of each disc. I used a 15/64" drill bit so the twine will fit through the hole.

Paint the discs with 2 coats of white craft paint

3. Here's a FABULOUS painting secret... Tear off a small piece of brown paper bag and fold it so it handles easily. Rub (medium pressure) the bag over each disc. This will knock down the nap of the wood, making the surface much smoother and easier to paint on.

4. Print out numbers 1 to 10 and cut them out. See below for numbers.

To print these numbers, right click on the numbers and click "save image as". Save it to your desktop or a file.

Then you can open desktop or the file and print out the numbers to fit an 8x10 (portrait) area.

The printed numbers will fit a 3 inch disc.

Sorry, I don't know how to make a pdf file yet. But it's on my to-do list.

5. Turn each number over and rub the graphite of a pencil over it to cover the number.

Here's another great tip... buy graphite paper and you will never have to do this step. I ran out of it. You should be able to get graphite or transfer paper at almost any craft store.

6. Turn the number up and tape it in place on your painted disc. Use a stylus or ball point pen and trace around the number. 

7. Paint the numbers in black craft paint, let dry and add twine through holes of the tags.


Think of all the possibilities! Square, oval, any fun shapes, different colors, distressed and chippy, clean and crisp, words, ABC'S, symbols...

I also made some chalkboard paint tags I'll be showing you next week.

Stop back tomorrow and see what I did with all these tags!

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