I'm creating a wall gallery on the main stairs and along the upstairs hallway at StoneGable.

I've been reading and reading and planning and fussing... and to be honest I almost didn't create the wall gallery on the stairs because it just seemed like too much work and brain power!

Then I came to my senses... there really are no rules for creating a perfect-for-me wall gallery... so I am just sorta winging it! My gallery is only partially done, but I'm enjoying it now... without all the design and style rules and certainly without the guilt of not doing it right...

Here are a few suggestions I have learned to create a wall gallery and use the "I'ts not rocket science approach"...

My hall wall gallery contains things that are similar in color and have strong black frames, mats or backgrounds.

Color can create a cohesive grouping.

I chose a theme of sorts for the gallery. I call it THE FIBER OF OUR FAMILY. 

The top picture is our family history and Coat Of Arms... this is a picture we have had for decades.

I made the rest of the pictures, all but the little sheep that is!

I change this picture monthly, usually putting a seasonal saying or something that has to do with family in it. This month I used a chalkboard background and a little Picmonkey magic!

Two small frames hold our family Bible verse and the names of our family including pets!

Again I made these using Picmonkey. I think the frames cost less that $7.00 for both. Pretty inexpensive wall art!

Art does not have to be expensive!  I have learned this the hard way. In our upstairs sitting room we have several large, expensive paintings just sitting against the wall! I love art, but I do grow tired of it.

Live with what YOU love... right now!

I also made a picture using the letter P... for our last name ... backed with some calligraphy burlap.

Ridiculously easy to make! And it makes a bold statement!

The newest member of the stair gallery is BARTHOLOMEW, the sheep. He came from my friend Linsey. She has THE FARMHOUSE PORCH and has an ETSY SHOP by the same name.

It was love at first sight. This darling oil painting belonged at StoneGable, I just knew it! And Linsey was so sweet to sell it to me! Linsey is such a talented artist and knowing it is her work makes me love this painting all the more... Bartholomew is one of my favorite things!

Here's something I believe with all my heart...and it bares repeating again... only hang up what you love!!!!  Don't just fill up space! And don't put something on your walls just because it is too expensive to sit in your basement (or upstairs sitting room).

How does Bartholomew fit into our wall? Well, I have a thing for sheep... that's all!

There is an empty space to the left of Bartholomew and that's okay! I'm just adding as I go! I say, you don't have to wait till all your art is gathered to put it up. Why not enjoy the process!

Right now I have no idea what will go there, but someday soon something will strike me and I'll know it's right.

I didn't measure or plan out my gallery on the floor or make picture mock ups out of brown paper... I just did it!

Believe me, I have probably looked at 100 groupings and ways to create a wall gallery and they were all so different and configured in so many ways that I came to realize that there really is no right way to hang art!  Just make it right for you!

One thing I will have to do is put those little gummy half circles on the corners of each picture to keep them from shifting. Askew pictures drive me crazy!

There is my wall gallery... so far!

So, what if I may have to rearrange some things. It's only a matter of covering up the nail holes and touching up the paint! That's a  little work for being able to walk up and down my stairs many times a day and enjoy the simplicity and personal meaning of this wall gallery!

Be brave... be bold and give a "no rules" wall galley a try!

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